Today’s a good day!

Morning, today I thought I would just wear my berry, wine, oxblood or whatever the correct colour is dress as I love it, the colour is on trend and I don’t need to give it much thought.  It’s teamed with my cute studded ankle boots (which I would wear with everything if I could!), leather jacket, big hair and red lips!

I had to pop in to town at lunch time to get some bits so i thought I would share, I'm not calling it a haul simply because in my mind you need 6/7 items to be in that category, or maybe that’s just my way of justifying spending loads because any good blogger has shopping hauls! Right?! ;)

My first stop was Superdrug, I resisted the MUA display simply because I am finding myself buying for buying sake because it’s so cheap but I have several products still unopened so I went straight for the foundation, I needed a new foundation and I really wanted to try Benefit but I'm away a lot over the next few weeks and the last thing I need is to have a reaction so I stuck with what I know and went safe buuuuut I will try Benefit soon as I'm in love with the packaging/marketing/branding of their products, really they have me believing and I need it.  Anyhow I bought Bourjois 123 perfect foundation and guess what FREE mascara! At the moment in Superdrug you get a FREE full volume mascara with every 123 foundation purchase, I was overjoyed by this as I like to have a new one each month, I don’t like them to be much older than a month as I watched a program years ago about the bacteria that lives in the wands and ever since I change religiously.
Primark was my next stop and I bought these lovely penguin gloves/mitts & bear hat for Ellissa, my child is obsessed with penguins, she has around 40/50 soft toy penguins, clothing, posters, stationery, she sponsors a penguin and every chance she gets to see or feed them she at the front of the queue, totally crazy about them! It was a shame they didn’t have the matching hat but she will love the bear hat.
I also bought this for £1.00!

Tracy xx


  1. Those gloves are so cute! shame the best things never come in adult sizes!

    1. LOL true, i can get my fingers in them so give it ago, not saying people won't look at you like your crazy but hey......


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hun, it's MUA with tops coat of Rimmel glitter. xx