Thank You Bloggers!

I came home to a lovely surprise!
I received this lovely card from a fellow blogger Marissa who I have become good friends with over the last couple of months and will be meeting up with soon, YEAH! 

Soooooo this post is a short THANK YOU to all you amazing bloggers who have made a lasting impression on me.The bloggers below are my daily reads and the owners personalities are genuine, friendly, sweet and funny, which makes their blogs a complete delight to browse!

Daily Reads – Fantastic, Amazing, Cool Great Blogs!
I follow many many more great blogs but these are my favourites, let me know who are your daily reads so i can have a good old nose! J
Tracy xx


  1. Thanks for mentioning me again lovely! :) I love that card you received! How lovely of her.


    1. Marissa is lovely and i can't wait to meet her. You are always welcome, this post was just one of those 'Thanks bloggers' because i thinks it's lovely to know that people appreciate what we do even though we do it for ourselves.


  2. Aww you're just so lovely! Thank you!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Just spreading the love, you bloggers are part of my daily routine. :) Txx