Hello, hope you have all had a great weekend!

I have had a crazy couple of days so I decided to do a post similar to the Instagram post I see on your wonderful blogs.

Thursday I was in Leicester attending a SharePoint training course, it’s something I am quite interested in especially when I make it fun!
  Thursday morning was a nightmare! I woke up to pure darkness; the hotel had a power cut! needless to say the only words coming out of my mouth were S*** I had to apply my make-up in a pitch black bathroom using light from my phone, Not Easy!! Buuuuuut free chocolates made up for it!

Pete and I grabbed some KK's on the way down, i am slightly worried about my obsession with them at the moment! 

Thursday I wore, navy trousers, Batman Tee, Baby pink Heels & Blazer.
Friday I wore, jeans, Vest, Denim Shirt & Boots.

Thursday Evening Pete & I went to Nandos for the first time, it was different..... it's just a nicer fast food restaurant, It's not the place to go for the evening but for a quick bite it was okay! We then went on to see Looper at the Vue, it was a nice mid-week date night.

TOTAL RANDOM - i was ridiculously happy to get 200 followers on Twitter, i know others have thousands, but to me this is huge so THANK YOU so much!!! xxxx. 

Saturday – well today I started a task I really wish I hadn't  My daughter has Sponge Bob, Toy Story, Star Wars & Harry Potter Lego that we need to build so we can put it on eBay as she is too old for it now! HELP ME!!!

Saturday Night – This picture sums me up nicely, I love the finer things in life but you just can’t beat a chavy packet of crisps when you've had a drink!

I did want to spend my Sunday baking but with the Lego & GP taking up most of the day I settled for Trifle. YUMMY!

I am looking forward to the #Bloggers Chat tonight and reading all your recent blogs that I have missed over the last four days.
Tracy xx


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    1. It was a £1 from Primark, if i see another one i will grab it for you. A little gift. :)