High Maintenance

It’s recently been brought to my attention that the men I work with think I'm high maintenance; this is a term I really hate as it gets under my skin and upsets me for days, hence this post.  I would describe myself as ‘middle maintenance’, yes I like the finer things in life and will always choose champagne over cider but other than that I'm a middle of the road kinda girl. So to fully understand the term “high maintenance” I went to Google, and after reading many different views (mostly men’s) I came across this and I believe this sums it up!

Maybe it's better to understand what a high maintenance is by explaining what a low maintenance woman is. A low maintenance girl doesn't wear makeup, doesn't dye her hair, she has one pair of flats she wears all the time and if her boyfriend shows on time great if he doesn't that's great too. 

I see men using the term against women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.  It’s harder to insist that you be treated properly or fairly or to say I’m not taking that from you but hey look all the pushy women have the nice faithful guys because they simply won’t tolerate any less. 

And I don’t think any women should but then again ………… I’m high maintenance” 

Following the above logic, I would like to stress that I am indeed middle of the road, I don’t dye my hair, and if your late who cares as the chances are I will never be on time! 
I do however love shoes and make-up and no girl only has one pair of shoes, I don’t think men understand that a thought process still goes in to looking like Kristen Stewart, she might not be aware of it but she will still go through the same selection process we do only ours might take that little longer……… and if a man sees a successful, confident women as high maintenance then so be it, women have fought long and hard for equality and if it comes with the label “high maintenance” then it’s a small price to pay.

 I choose Ashley and Cameron to make my point and not to be bitchy but because they are both beautiful women who men lust after but only when made up! 

And for the record it only took me 34mins to get dressed this morning!! on the flip side, i have just gone and bought a new top because the one i had on didn't look right :( x

Tracy xx


  1. My Friends response!

    Just for the record  my interpretation of high maintenance is a woman I could not afford to keep in the life style she is accustomed to ( if she is paying for that life style herself, fantastic!! No longer a high maintenance girl)
    For example I would love to have my own Porsche 997 but the running costs are far too high for my meagre salary therefore the car would be “high maintenance”

    Stick that in your Blog!!

    I am just going to keep my opinions to myself from now on.
    I would also like to state for the record that Tracy Hodgson is not “High Maintenance”

  2. Like you said, they only lust after them when they are all made up. Men want someone who looks like that natrually with no make up. And I'm sorry, but that's so rare!

    Also, a lot of men think that women get dressed in order to attract men, I can only speak for myself, but I just feel nicer when I have made the effort in my appearance. More put-together, and like I've actually made the effort to be presentable.

    I also hate this term, because I feel that it is designed to make women feel like shit. You'll never hear someone describe a man has "high maintenance". I couldn't agree with this post more and I'm glad you've blogged about it! Never keep your opinions to yourself! :D x

    1. Love your rant, we share the same option on this! I too dress for myself, i feel much better and happier in a nice outfit then i do in sweats walking my dog.


  3. I wouldn't be offended of being thought of as high maintenance! I think it just means your standards are higher than others'!!xxx
    Samantha's Secret