Hello Ladies,

As Christmas is rapidly approaching I thought I would share one of my favourite on-line shops with you all, I have keep Bloomsbury’s my little secret for years as it’s my go-to shop for gifts that are that little bit different (oh and the Paul Smith sales are great!)But it’s getting ridiculously popular due to its amazingly quirky products that I’ll feel selfish if I don’t share………sigh!

I don’t care what men say they are buggers to buy for, really whats that all about, us women are soooo easy! ;) Anyway Bloomsbury has some great stocking filler’s for men, check them out!

This is the perfect mug to hit home that message to our workaholic other half's!
Yes it's 2012 and people don't really use them but it's such a fun gift and Ted Baker too!  
Never as long as i live with i see the attraction men have to 007, i love the movie's as a quick hour of escapism but men seem to have a life long affair with Mr Bond! (maybe it's a girl thing!).
LOL we all want to see what he would look like in a moustache, quick fix! LOL!
 Most of the guys i work with are obsessed with cycling so this is a cute little gift, wrap it will a large bar of Galaxy, double the gift! 
 It's no secret i adore Paul Smith products and the signature swirl/strip is my favourite so this is a fantastic gift. 
Love this book, great if you would rather have the real thing!
Okay so this one is for me ;0) xx 

Okay so yes aftershave, DVD's, iTunes vouchers, clothes are all the staple Christmas gifts he will be expecting but these are just some fun gifts that will make him smile. 

I really hope you check Bloomsbury out if you haven’t already as it also sells women’s and home. 

Tracy xx


  1. Love that mug! I'm dreading christmas shopping ha-ha


    1. I adore Christmas shopping, i'm one of those annoying 'love christams' people. Txx