Beauty Room Spa!

Happy Sunday Ladies,

I trust you are having a great weekend!
Sorry this post is a couple of days late but I have had so much to blog about and hopefully you will still find it interesting.  Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to a beauty night at The Thistle Hotel’s Beauty Room Spa, the invitation said something about champagne and cake, yep I’m in!
I have hosted and attended many events at the hotel but have never been or used the spa, it’s one of those things, I go to a spa for escapism so one that’s on your door step doesn't seem as desirable as one further afield.  Arriving at the spa I still got that corporate feel as you go through reception to get to the spa area but on entering the spa itself the atmosphere changed to a more relaxed pace.  There was a quick meet and great where drinks and goodie bags were handed out, next on to the tour of the treatment rooms where complimentary treatments were on offer.  I declined a manicure as I had only painted my nails the night before but I did take up Nicola’s offer to have my face mapped!

If you’re like me and had no clue what face mapping is then let me enlighten you! Face mapping is a revolutionary approach to skin analysis developed by Dermalogica, they use zones to map the face as a guide, and then the therapist is able to conduct an inch-by-inch, analysis and recommend the best products to combat and benefit each client’s concerns, you can get more information here  
After I had my face mapped I have to admit I was a little over whelmed with the extensive list of products recommended for my skin but I am pleased to report I didn't feel pressured to purchase anything, yes they were offering 20% off on the evening and if I hadn't just changed all my spare cash to Dollars I probably would have left with an armful of products and a lighter bank balance, however I have arranged a couple of appointments with Kylie for different treatments and I will learn more about the products and hopefully have some great reviews for you. 

Overall it was a great night, I felt a little pampered and I meet some wonderful people.

Kylie (Manager)
 Goody Bag - Goodies  
  How fabulous is this bottle of fizzy!   
All the wonderful cakes were handmade by Laura!

Thank you Kylie & Nicola from The Thistle Hotel Beauty Room Spa!

It was great to meet Yaffa from Middlesbrough Council, I look forward to the bar-book swap Monday’s!
 Tracy xx


  1. Sounds like a gorgeous night! The cakes look yummy and face mapping sounds so interesting!


    1. Hey Hun,

      It was a nice night and i meet some lovely people, face mapping was very interesting and i feel i understand my face a little better, however the amount of products i would need to help my skin was crazy, one face 7/8 products! crazy!!!


  2. Hey Tracy - Lovely photos! May I share them on the lovemiddlesbrough facebook page with a credit? Sorry you'll be away but looking forward to seeing you at a future Bar Book Swap @barbookswap on Twitter. Btw, went in the next day for a face mapping facial and massage with Kylie - Amazing!! Have fun spoiling yourself when you get back.

  3. Evening Yaffa,

    It was wonderful to meet you and i can't wait for the Bar Book Swap.

    Yeah course use any pictures you like.

    I am looking forward to have some pamper time and Kylie is super sweet.


  4. Looks like a fun evening! I want one of those cakes! x

  5. Sally the cakes were yummy!

    I'm loving your post today.


  6. Wow, this looks divine!! Lucky you :)


    1. Hey Sophie,

      It was a great night and i have just gone back for a spray tan, kylie is fabulous.