"It has long been said that fashion dictates our emotions, and we all have experience of that....... The wrong outfit can completely dampen your confidence. I would never think of myself as superficial but I have to admit that even I've sneaked out to buy a new top on days when I've felt uncomfortable and unconfident in what I am wearing. But it's also true to say that fashion follows mood. Trends are dictated by our cultural climate and, in the months before they hit the catwalk, they predict and reflect our collective consciousness. It is therefore no surprise that the mood this autumn is dark. The world’s financial troubles, trends in film, television, literature and a general sense of uncertainty have had a profound effect on all of us, this season catwalks were influenced by fairy tales, mystery, religious icons and powerful women ......all with a romanticised twist. The runway was also, quite unusually, black with only splash of colour (mostly purple at that) in the darkness. The result was dramatic, beautiful and elegant. Which is a mood I think we'd all like to try on.....even if only for a day."


Vivienne Westwood

La Disposition

Louis Vuitton

Tracy xx


  1. Always love Vivienne Westwood. :) x

    1. Me too, i would wear that outfit as it was seen on the runway, typically VW quirky! xxx