A BOOT-iful Giveaway!

I was contacted by the lovely people at Barratts and pointed in the direction of Terri Lowe’s blog! Terri is currently hosting a fabulous Barratt’s giveaway.

After reading Terri’s fabulous blog I realized that when it comes to shoes we are like chalk and cheese! So Initially I was a little hesitant about entering the give away because of my lifelong love affair with heels, you see since meeting Ms Bradshaw back in 1998 I have planted my feet in towering heels and never looked back! But I am a mum and must to have a practical side (somewhere, Right?!?!?!)

I was racking my brain as to the last time I bought shoes in Barratts and it must have been 5-6 years ago and to be honest it isn’t one of my go-to shops, not because there is anything wrong with the shoes quite the opposite really, I just overlooked the shop and after viewing their on-line store I guess it was my loss! 
I totally agree with Terri on her Primark shoes opinion, it’s a false economy to buy cheap shoes that have to be replaced every month when you just need to spend that little bit more (while Barratts have a sale the difference isn’t even that much!) for a better quality shoes.  

Okay rant over, I hope you like my collage.

I know that Terri wanted a selection but i would spend the whole £70 on these amazing Lotus Bentony strap biker ankle boots £63.00

But I had to add these amazing shoes at such great prices.

 Tracy xx


  1. I SO need that fab pair of boots!

    Best, Jen

    1. They are super cute and i have already picked several outfits they would look fabulous with!