Shake it out.......

Yep I'm still under the weather, but life must go on and i have to be in work today so the only way i am getting through the day is with a lot of medication and a cute outfit! 
As I feel so rubbish I thought I would add some glitter to my outfit and nails to brighten me up a little, I am wearing my Gok bargain top, £30 down to £10 in the Sainsbury’s sale! The skirt Is Yumi from House of Fraser and the boots are Primark. 
 Because my face is so puffy i cropped this picture, sorry for no boot shoot! 
 Nails look cute against the skirt!
Skirt Yumi (similar here in the sale too), Top Gok's Sainsbury's Collection
Boots Bank & Nails MUA & Rimmel

I really love this skirt! 

I went shopping with Ellissa on Tuesday evening, she ended up getting loads and i got little, but hey that's how it works.  i remember my Mum always spending on us instead of herself!  

Anyway i bought some new nail varnishes, i really can't get enough of MUA nail varnish, they have so many colours. i also bought a nail pen and some Rimmel glitter varnish and a face mask that was reviewed by a fellow blogger Amanda Johansson (

 For the nails I used MUA Nail varnish as a first (second & third) coat then added Rimmels glitter varnish on top, it’s so cute and really easy to do!
 I used the middle MUA colour, i forgot to note down the shade number! 

Have a great day! 
 Tracy xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon! On a positive note, your nail polish is gorge! xx

    1. Thanks Rachel,

      I rarely get sick so this is a shock to my system, maybe cutting out carbs isn't that good for me!

      I love your blog!


  2. Glad you nabbed the face mask! Let me know what you think. Love the nails and love the little heart design on your skirt.

    Get well quickly, hunny. :) x

    1. i will be using it tonight, i will keep you posted!

      I love this skirt, i am sure it's a night out skirt but i just love it and use every reason i can to wear it!