‘Till I Collapse’

So maybe the title is a little dramatic but it’s the title of my favourite song at the moment and also sums up how I feel.  Yes I am still suffering with a rubbish cold and it’s driving me crazy, I never get this sick, a sniffle yes but not full blow cold! Grrrr! 
Anyway today is casual Friday in my office so I am wearing blue jeans and a gold sparkly jumper with pumps!
I love this jumper because it is so sparkly in the right light!

I feel like a little piggy this morning after forgoing dinner last night to eat three, yes three Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, I have to say at the time it was a yummy idea but the thought of all the cardio I now have to do hurts just to think about it. Well it can at least wait until I am 100% better!
 I came across this sign on Pinterest and thought it soooo fabulous and true ;0) that I needed to share!

I was hoping to get to IKEA on works time today but I feel soooo rubbish not even the prospect of shopping in IKEA with company pennies can entice me! Guess I will just stay in my office and possibly fall asleep!

Look at my 'To Do List' it has nothing on, yet i have a million and one things that need doing, i just can't bring myself to do any! 
Gosh I wish I owned these, I could have so much fun!

Have a great weekend and hopefully next week’s posts won’t have the words: sick, cold, tired, rubbish, ill in them.  
Tracy xx

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