The Lazy Song......

My lovely lazy Sunday, I plan on staying make up free and in my PJ’s all day! During my lazy Sunday I had three hours of ironing to do which sucks but hey someone has to do it and as I read recently that ‘simple science tells us that women should be ironing as the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ is obviously the ‘fe’ and if you were to look up ‘fe’ in the periodic table it stands for iron, so I am screwed!

Anyhow during my day I painted my nails, I got the inspiration from a fellow blogger but I can’t find her blog! (Apologies for not crediting you but I don’t know who you are, sorry). Okay back to my nails, I started by removing my previous nail varnish and let me tell you it was no walk in the park, that Rimmel’s glitter looks great but is a total b%&#h to get off!

I painted a base coat (two layers) of Chilli Peppers Orange kiss, which I find is a very light varnish and I would recommend it to anyone. Then I applied blue dots on top, to create the dots I put a little varnish on some paper and dipped in a bobbie pin to make the dots. I then had to wait 5 mins for the blue to dry then applied a white and so on.  This process continued until I applied 5 different colour dots.

Nail Varnishes i used to create this look.

1)  chilli pepper orange
2) Models Own feeling blue
3) Andrea Fullerton white
4) MUA love hearts u & I
5) Models own lilac dreams
6) Rimmel strawberry fiz 

Tracy xx


  1. This looks amazing! :)

    You must have a very steady hand :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

    1. Thank you, i try, however my left hand looks much better than mu right! LOL

      I entered this morning, i have my fingers and toes crossed. :0)