Thank God it’s Friday!

Today’s outfit was a simple, dress, boots and accessories not much thought required but I do love this dress.  My dress is from Primark, I’m not a snob but I don’t go shopping in Primark because my local shop always looks like a jumble sale and I instantly walk back out so I opt for my sister being my personal shopper, bless her she manages to find amazing items and always buys me stuff I love.

My boots are Tory Burch and I bought them in June and i love them soooooo much, I have wore them at every available opportunity this summer (because of the shitty British weather, it means they have been worn a lot, so that totally justify the cost!). I know i sad i put my Mulberry away for the winter but it just goes so well with this outfit! 

My accessories are old but from Accessories and they still have similar styles in at the moment.

I also wanted to share my new mascara with you all, It’s amazing, it give the appearance of long think lashes without the clumping and heaviness. I would recommend this. 
Tracy xx

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