Thank Goodness it’s Friday!!!

I was going to blog about today’s outfit which really isn't that exciting as it’s casual Friday in my office, but I received a delivery today which trumps outfit post…………………
New Shoes!!!!
After ‘Hart of Dixie’ on Monday an advert for the new Rachel Bilson inspired collection of shoes from Stylistpick caught my attention, I have always love the way Rachel dresses and her overall style  so I had a look online at her collection and I fell in love with the 'Kathryn Floral pointed court shoe'.  I knew I needed to have them so I was set on buying them next week when I get paid as my bank card cries every time I use it at the moment due to my excessive birthday celebrations.
To my horror a day later Vogue tweeted about the shoe collection and my heart sunk, yes this is fantastic news for Stylistpick but not for me, fabulous shoes and a bloody fantastic price they will be gone in a heartbeat argh!!! I didn’t know what to do, So I asked my Husband to get me them for Christmas, Yes I know Christmas is months away but I have them now and they are worth the wait. I am sure if I pout enough I will be able to wear them before. ;) (Let’s hope he doesn't read this post, anyway he knows me well enough to not be surprise by this)!

So YEAH! I have my shoes, but the really amazing thing is Stylistpick!
I had seen their adverts, browsed their site but shied away from purchasing, just because with shoes pictures can be deceiving and size vary etc but these shoes called to me (crazy I know!)They are so pretty and I needed them, really I did! So my husband (best ever!!!) ordered them on Wednesday before 10am and selected the free postage option why not they are for Christmas after all, why spend an extra £5 on postage?! but to my surprise they arrived today before 12noon (total order turnaround time of 50hours) Fan-bloody-tastic!

The shoes came in a boring brown box with a Stylistpick sticker which instantly spiked my excitement but after opening the boring brown box they were then in a Stylistpick bag then a beautiful box tied with a ribbon, it was so cute, my excitement levels hit the roof. I couldn’t wait to try on the shoes so after hugging them, stroking them and again with my crazy weirdness I tried them on, it was my very own Cinderella moment as they fit perfect!
Needless to say I couldn’t be happier with my new super cute shoes and I would recommend Stylistpick to anyone!!!
Just to point out, I buy shoes from Top Shop, River Island & other fashion shops and find they cost more than Stylistpick shoes but you don’t get half the level of care put in to the packaging that Stylistpick shoes do.
They don’t sell just shoes they sell an experience!

Tracy xx   

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