I am not one to moan or get pissed of easy but I was quite hurt this morning, for years I have been a subscriber to Glamour magazine and I love it, I would read it cover to cover, I have also given it as gifts over the years too, however not anymore!!!

If you’re a Glamour reader you will have seen the paragraph where normal people like you and I send in a picture of yourself on holiday displaying your Glamour magazine. Well every year I come back from an amazing holiday and kick myself for not taking a picture on location with my magazine so this year I took Glamour to the world’s most romantic city, Venice and paraded around with my Glamour magazine getting my photo taken with some of Venice’s most iconic sights, The Doge Palace, on a Gondola with the Rialto Bridge in the background, at St Mark’s Square.  I had fun taking the pictures but was mostly excited about the thought and hope that one of them might be in the magazine.

Me at The Doge Palace with Glamour Magazine!

St Marl's Square & The Doge Palace behind me with Glamour Magazine!

The Grand Canal, Me with Glamour Magazine!

On a Gondola with the Rialto Bridge in the background, Me with Glamour Magazine!

I sent my photos to the email address noted in the magazine and this morning I received below:

How terrible, at the very least I expected a computer generated email acknowledgement or maybe a thanks but no thanks, but for it to just be deleted without even being opened, shocking!!!!  

Maybe I am naive but I just assumed that good manners meant something in this day and age, well Glamour Magazine obviously don’t!!!

I will be cancelling my subscription and won’t be buying the magazine again!!!

Tracy xx


  1. That's awful!! It's a shame that a lot of media companies don't even respect the very people that make it successful.


    1. I couldn't agree more, it's a silly reaction I know but I was quite upset with the instant dismissal. :( I need to toughen up!

      Thanks Hun.