Richmond Castle

Today the hubby and i walked Rosie around Richmond Castle, We had just parked up and walked a meter down the road when we bumped in to the in-laws, they were walking Benjamin,  what are the chances of that! i know Richmond is small but really?!  Anyway the reason for our visit was Pete's brother & wife have just started their own business Hodgson's Sausage's. Dave (Bro-in-law) was a butcher for many years before deciding to start his own business, they make the nicest sausage and I'm not just saying this because he's family, they are sooooo good! hence as soon as we got home Pete made sausage sandwiches for dinner!   
How lovely are those dogs, imagine having them in your garden!
Fact: The Kings Head Hotel is where Pete and i got married! :0)

whilst in Richmond we also bumped in to Auntie Evelyn, it was like a family reunion!  

Richmond has several second hand shops which i noticed today, I've never given much thought to second hand shops until reading Adora's blog, she has  found some amazing items in second hand shops and car boot sales so i thought i would pop in and have a look, I didn't find any clothes but i did find theses books and as you know i am slightly obsessed with old books so finding these made my day.  
 Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, yes everyone has read this book or watched the movie but it's one of my favourites and i have a couple of copies but it didn't stop me buying this copy for an amazing £1.49.   
A History of Everyday Things in England, this books just looks like such a hoot to read, and will look great on my book shelf, a bargain price of £3.00 
Tracy xx

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