My first beauty review!

Sunday 2nd September was my first full #bblggers chat and what a lovely experience it was. I have to say I was really nerves, you know how it is when you’re the new girl you never know how people will react to you and or if you will be accepted but I was worried about nothing, all the lovely bloggers I chatted with were so sweet and I have several more daily reads on the list.

  Anyway (I do digress) the topic was make up! I have never really experimented with makeup, I started wearing makeup in my late teens and that was Boots No7, the older I got I moved to Clinique then to Dior where I have comfortably been for the last 6 years, so it was an eye opener to hear that so many (I have to say beautiful girls) are a fan of Superdrug’s own brand MUA (a range I had never heard of until Saturday evening when my BFF was telling me about it).  So yesterday lunch time I went and bought a couple of items, I didn’t want to get much because the snob in me was saying “they won’t be good and you will be back to the Dior counter in Debenhams”.

As you can see I bought two lipsticks, two eye shadows, a blusher and nail varnish (sorry I won’t try the mascara because I love mine!L)  

Lipstick Shade (LR) Shade 1 & Shade 7, Blush Shade 1, Eye Shade 23 & Shade 4

Let the get messing! 

I started with the Shade 23 eye shadow, it has a light feel to it and stayed on for 5 hours (not the normal day time test but i couldn't sleep in it now could i) overall i give shade 23 8/10!

  Moving on to shade 4 this is a nice purple shade (purple is my preferred winter colour)and again lasted a good 5 hours. 8/10!
I found the blusher a little crumbly, I like minimal mess when it comes to blusher but this went everywhere, this is something I would purchase again but they had a great selection of colours and if you don’t mind the mess then it was great and stayed on for 5 hours too. 4/10 for me. Sorry L

I only painted my nails last night with Rimmel’s amazingly delicious strawberry fizz (which is fragranced!)On Sunday night so I opted to just spot up my nails, it was also in homage to Louis Vuitton Dots inspired Yayoi Kusama collection.  (Digressed again) The nail varnish was successful in its task so 8/10.

Finally full face makeup, i went a little Batman inspired crazy last night and made up half my face in one shade and the other in the other! (huh!, when i say that it sounds fine but typing it feels wrong)!

I will give MUA a 10/10 for the lipstick, I am a very fussy lipstick wearer, normally I put on a really bright colour, wear it around the house for an hour then wipe it off and apply a lipsal, so I get the colour but not the heavy feeling, I just don’t like heavy feeling lipsticks but this is pleasantly light, so I will be buying a lot more and many different colours.

I hope you enjoyed my very rubbish review, I will get better at this I promise.

Tracy xx


  1. Love the nails. I love Rimmel Strawberry Fizz. The smell reminds me of school when everyone used scented gel pens! Haha.

    I've got the All Nude varnish. Love it. MUA are such a suprisingly good brand for the price! :)

    And your review wasn't rubbish! So shush! :) xx

  2. Thank you so much, you are such a sweetie. xx

    i had so much fun last night messing with makeup, it might have to be a monthly thing! ;)