Today’s post is something new, I am a lover of all music and when I say all music I mean from Dolly Parton to Jayz totally random! So I thought I would let my phone shuffle and I would honestly write down the first 10 songs with no cheating, promise!!

1) Estelle (feat. Kanye West)-American Boy I love the line (Don’t act a fool now, now) seems Estelle had him pegged back in 2008!
2) Alyssa Reid Alone again – an original 80’s hit for Heart but the remix wasn’t so bad, good for driving.
3) Katy Perry One of the boys – This song is about my daughter, she is such a tomboy at the moment, she lives in converse or vans!
4) Aerosmith – Cryin – so much fun to sing to in the car!
5) Gavin DeGrew – I don’t want to be – yes I am sad and have the ‘One Tree Hill’ sound track, there are some good song’s on there really!
6) Florence & the Machine – Shake it out – Classic! I chant along to this at the top of my voice whist driving and I sound amazing, well I think I do! LOL
8) Bon Jovi – Livin on a prayer – I do love a good 80’s 90’s throw back!
7) Adele – Crazy for you – everyone has an Adele album!
8) Boyz II Men – Come on – I loved Boyz II Men in my early teens.
9) Cheryl Cole & August RigoBetter to Lie - This is for my daughters benefit, really she loves her.  Personally I think she is beautiful but can’t sing for toffee, she should model (I know she is a little small but…….)

10) Beyonce – Best This I Never Had! – I love all things Beyonce!

Okay I would like to say that out of the 1,767 songs on my phone that this is an okay collection but really it just says I like shit music, but I was totally honest and this is what my phone give me! 

Tracy xx


  1. hi tracy haha this sounds fun actually. i too like lots of different music. im following u from the blog hop. im at :) hope to read more from u :)

    1. Thank you Mandy,

      i was really hoping to look cooler with my music when i thought of this but hey ho, i am who i am and i like what i like!

      I will take a look over at your blog.