Morning, Gosh it’s Monday again!

I’m lusting after everything berry coloured at the moment and have created a wish list for pay day but last night when scouring through my wardrobe trying to decide on today’s outfit I came across my wine coloured ASOS pencil dress, it can pass for berry this autumn so I was delighted.

I have this dress in two colours Berry and teal, they fit fabulously and I love wearing them.

Another fantastic surprise, Ellissa was messing with my shoes (as all 10year olds do!) and she pulled out a box that was hidden, they are only a pair of berry coloured Top Shop shoes my sister gave me (Free Shoes). 


If Fashion Police taught me anything last night, it was don’t wear berry on berry so, I teamed my dress with my Ted Baker heels, they have a touch of berry colour on the flower which ties it all in nicely. 

I can spend my pennies on something else now! J YEAH!!!

Tracy xx


  1. love your dress! free shoes are always good ;) xx

    1. Thanks Gemma,

      I know free shoes, hidden gem!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Genniene.

      I love it too :0)