Rant over with, now on to today’s outfit.

I am wearing my DP swallow print top today, I love it, I am slightly obsessed with bird print, and it’s just so cute. J

Navy Blue trousers with my Fuchsia Pink Mary Jane Pumps from TopShop.

As it is getting to autumn, I changed my bag from my lovely Mulberry which has acquired some war wounds from all the usage this summer to my trusty Louie! 
Those of you who have seen ‘Leap Year’ will understand why all Louis Vuitton bags are referred to a Louie.

Tracy xx


  1. Love the Louie!

    I love bird print too. I have a black dress with gold bird print that's perfect for Autumn. I can't wait to wear it again! :D xx

    1. Oh where did you get your dress?

      can i copy?!?!