Sophia Bush

For as long as I can remember I have had a girl crush on Sophia Bush, I just love her character 'Brooke Davis' in ‘One Tree Hill’ she has all the character traits I most admire, she’s strong, sweet & Kind, I also follower her twitter feeds and she is the same in real life, she is always helping out charities and generally overall being a wonderful person!

It’s odd but most of the women who influenced me growing up were blondes! I myself turned blonde for a long time until I realised that being a brunette isn’t all that bad and that blondes don’t have more fun! Some of the most beautiful women are brunettes like Sophia, Leighton Meester, Eva Longoria & Jennifer Garner the list goes on but you get my drift, brunette’s have became just as popular and I for one are truly thankful.

However I have to say one of the main reasons I admire Sophia has to be her fashion sense! So I picked out some looks that I thought you might want to emulate.

This whole outfit it from Ted Baker! Under £300! 

Tracy xx


  1. I'm so obsessed with Sophia too! :D Her style is so effortless and chic! :) x

    1. i agree, she always looks amazing, i have just finished watching OTH from series one-seven!