British Autumn

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain and the feeling that I could sleep for at least 4 more hours but Ellissa won’t get herself to school and Rosie will just cry until she walked so my days starts.  
Grrr! Is my response when I look in the mirror, my hair is slapped to my head and looks ridiculously greasy and how on earth I can still look like Alice Cooper after removing my makeup the night before!
Okay I really couldn't be a%#$d to think about today’s outfit so I just throw on trousers and a blouse, no thought required what so ever, curled my hair hoping the rain would give me an excuse for why it looks like it needs a good wash, shocking I know!!! It’s just one of those days!!!!!!!!

On a more positive note I have been lusting after River Islands berry collection for a week now and thought I should share it with you.

 I need the jumper for days like these!
The peplum top is perfect for work!
Skirt is too cute, you can rock this with black tights, studded ankle boots and a leather jacket!
I have a really cute leather jacket but it doesn't stop me needing this one!
This dress is a really pretty going out dress for autumn!
cute bag, even if you don't want to go full on Berry just a clutch will still keep you on trend!

 Tracy xx


  1. love this colour :) always makes me feel kinda festive haha x

    1. Thanks Hannah,

      I love Autumn/Winter fashion, i am naturally pale and the winter suits me better and this colour is very festive.


  2. I loved red and burgundy for autumn and winter, love the leather jacket too!

    Found you through the blog hop

    Beth , x

    1. Hiya Cosmetic Lover,

      Thank you so much for the comment, the jacket is just fabulous, i don't think i can justify another LJ at the moment but i really want it! it might appear on my Christmas list.