Wednesday 8th August 2012

Today’s outfit!

Today is a elegant cream peplum top with a simple black pencil skirt, I chose to team this outfit with my amazingly, stylish, classic CHANEL handbag (The one I told you about yesterday) and my fabulous Paul Smith Sally shoes, they are so soft and feel pure luxury. 

This morning I walked in to my wardrobe and stood there looking for about 7-8 minutes thinking what to wear, normally I would have either decided the night before or inspiration comes to me whilst brushing my teeth (Most of my best thoughts happen whilst brushing my teeth, wired I know!) however today I was totally stumped, as we are jetting off on holiday at the weekend I have packed most of my cute summer dresses so my wardrobe is somewhat limited this week.  I finally decided on today’s outfit and I am happy with it.

I have wanted to wear my peter pan collar for weeks, months even and every time I put it on, I take it straight of as I am a little unsure but today it remains. Yeah!!

This blog is slowly helping get over my aversion to being photographed, really, ever seen that episode of Friends when Chandler and Monica are getting their engagement photos taken and Chandlers face screws up every time he tries to smile, well that happens to me.  I can take my own picture fine but when someone else takes me picture I pull ridicules face. 

That is how my face looks, really!!!

Tracy xx

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