Tuesday 07th August 2012

Isn’t it funny that I can work with music playing but when it comes to blogging I require silence?!

Today’s outfit!

I went for another summer tea dress this time navy and white spots (I am loving spots this summer), with blue belt, pink handbag and shoes.  My dress is a keeper meaning I bought this dress back in 2006 and have wore it every summer since, I fear this summer maybe it’s last (sob!). 

My bag looks very similar to the amazing Cambridge Satchels that are ever so popular this summer, but it is an eBay special and a steal at £19.99. I do love designer handbags but I am a big believer that you should only buy designer if it’s a classic style, take my Mulberry Alexa for example it’s a classic style that can be used for years to come, same goes for my CHANEL, classic, stylish and will never date!   I did make the mistake several years back buying a Louis Vuitton Alma multicolour, you know the one, it was everywhere, anyone who was anyone owned one and then over night it was gone (puff) and my fabulous bag has been sat in its dust bag for the last 6 years!  So needless to say I won’t make that mistake again!

My shoes, my wonderful Irregular Choice shoes, if you have never checked out their website you should, it’s totally random and great fun http://www.irregularchoice.com/ , anyway my shoes are totally fabulous and cute as a button (yes as my family keeps telling me “buttons aren’t cute”).

Telling you about Irregular Choice forced me to look at their site, look at these lovely shoes I came across, they are truly Cinderella’s shoes! 
 Yeah we can all be a Princess! J

Tracy xx

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