The Morning from Hell!!

After my hellish morning, I was in need of some retail therapy, however it is two weeks till pay day and I am away in Venice next week so needless to say my purchase today needed to be under £10 or free, I opted for free and ordered my first Graze box, who knew purchasing absolutely anything would make me feel better.   I hear great things about the Graze boxes however I am a really picky eater so I hope it’s nice. :)

When I arose from my pit this morning the weather was beautiful so I chose a simply Jasmin Guniness tea dress (black) with mint shoes, belt and jewellery, very cute and perfect for today, that was until the heavens opened around 11am and it could be the middle of winter out there now, sometimes I am grateful that my office doesn’t have a window!

Today has been a nightmare but I keep telling myself only four more days then you will be jetting off to Venice, Italy for a week of Sun, fun and great fashion. Only 4 days, repeat after me, only 4 days! 


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