To say I was head over heels in love with the television show The O.C. would be an understatement. I completely understand if it was never your cup of tea, but it was mine, and although the final season wasn’t my favorite, I still miss the excitement of watching the scandalous scripted drama unfold week after week. (And maybe I enjoyed being a little (very) invested in Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts’ relationship, as well…Seth and Summer 4 EVER!!1!) Anyway, because of my fondness for The O.C., I naturally started following the careers of my favorite actors from the show and was pleasantly surprised to learn how much of a fashionista Rachel Bilson was (and still is today). She has been known in the past to be one of several starlets who exuded a more boho-chic and vintage-inspired style (like Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller). But over the years, Bilson has gradually transformed into a full-fledged style maven and ultimately an actress who possesses an undeniable appreciation for the fashion world, which is partly reflected in her role as a designer for the popular website ShoeMint. Her style is definitely an enviable one, and if you find yourself longing to take a few style tips from the fashion-forward actress, too, then you’re in luck. This week, I chose four of Bilson’s past outfits and located similar items (all under $100) to draw inspiration from or even use for recreating each of her looks as a whole.
(1. Piperlime – $24.99, 2. Kohl’s – $27.99, 3. Steve Madden – $48, 4. dELiA*s – $29.50, 5. ASOS – $71.53)

Tracy xx

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