I couldn’t have started off Sunday any better if I tried, starting with me not getting up till 10:30am, (yes I know this will not help my back to work routine but it’s my last day of holiday before entering the working world!), a late breakfast followed by a leisurely morning walk with my family and Rosie Dog in the wonderful sun.

As we have just came back from holiday only to be going away again next Saturday I thought I ought to do some house work, I don’t get much time during the working week, well that is my excuse anyway.
House cleaned and nothing else to do than blog, while catching up on my missed TV shows from last week.  To top of my Sunday I decided to forgo dinner and just have desert, a Boston cream donut! Terrible I know but sometimes you just need the junk!

Well hope you all had a great Sunday, I am shutting down to watch Britain & Irelands Next Top Model! Bring it on Bitches!!!!!

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