O Bag

I have been reluctant to share this fabulous bag with you as I am seriously peed that I didn't get one!!!

Okay the story is………..we had just stepped off the train in Verona and my attention was instantly diverted to a little shop displaying bags, I had seen women with these bags around Venice but I hadn't found them in any of the shops,  a closer inspection confirmed that these were the bags I had been looking for, yeah! I found them!
Okay so now I had to make the decision do I want to buy it now and carry it all day around Verona in the 38dc weather or buy it on the way back, logic won and I decided to buy it on the way home. There was my mistake, how many times have i done that, seen something, thought I will get it on my way back only to find the bloody thing gone. L

Yes the bag had gone, they are a custom bag and I wanted either baby pink or grey with a rope handle, they had neither! Needless to say I was guttered!
On the journey back I Googled the bags and found they are only in Italy at the moment so i felt positive that In my last three days i would find one, but no joy L my stepson Jack eased my disappointment by pointing out that as the shop was at the train station maybe it might be in the airport too. However to my disappointment it wasn't. LLL

Some good news, they are opening a shop in London soon and yeah, you can buy them on-line too, i do think they will be massive next summer. remember you heard it here fist! 
O bag follows the same concept as the O clock watches; they are interchangeable accessories that let you custom your bag to your personality, they have 3 styles and 20 different colours.
Tracy xx


  1. https://www.fullspotmarket.co.uk/The-O-bag-by-Fullspot-s/1818.htm

    Now all available online in UK direct from Fullspot UK


    1. YEAH!!!!

      I knew they would be HUGE this year!

      Oh i hope i can get one!