lets go back to the 90's

Thinking back I have to admit it was ‘Sweet Valley High’ that started my fashion obsession, I loved the way Liz dressed but Jessica’s attitude was cooler or should I say meaner?!, I loved the floral dresses and little cardigans overall a full on girly girl look which I started to imitate, This phase lasted a couple of months as I realised being a tomboy and wanting to be outside on my roller blades I was more suited to my lyrical shorts and over sized Tess which I rocked with my totally awesome Fila trainers, what I liked to call my Kelley Kapowski (Saved by the Bell) look!

Entering my teens and realising that I wanted boys to notice me I changed my look again thanks to Cher Horowitz and Stacey Dash, who inspired me to apply make-up  glam up my wardrobe, get rid of that Nike jumper I had tied round my waist for the last two years and let down my hair (previously being held in a ponytail with the world’s biggest scrunchie). Needless to say I turned in to most parents nightmare, a teen with a ‘Clueless’ attitude.

I was a complex teen, well I did learn how to over analyse everything thanks  to Joey and Dawson, so I spent all my time in my room listening to Toni Braxton, Backstreet boys, Supergrass or Ocean Colour Scene (yes I know totally random).

As I turned 15 I knew everything (as most 15 years olds think!) and In my mind I was an adult and started to channel Rachael (friends), I copied her hair style, searched high and low for her silver coat and pretty much followed her style until I was comfortable with my own style.  

Over all I know they say TV is bad for children but It taught me so much, I love fashion and I doubt I would if I didn’t have the above to imitate, so thank you 90’s TV I salute you!

A little fun, 

Tracy xx

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