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Okay Venice, what can I say about the most beautiful city it the world…… well just that, Venice is a magical city that made me feel alive from the moment my Louboutins touched down. Standing in the plazza magnificent of St Marks Square (San Marco) is an experience that I will never forget; every building left me in awe, from The Doge’s Palace, too the Campanile (at almost 325ft is a sight to behold) or the Torre dell’ Orologio clock tower (built between 1496 and 1506), every turn has something magical to see.  Napoleon once referred to San Marco as the ‘drawing room of Europe’ you will to feel this way due to the vast amount of people crammed into the great square.

My personal favourite building was The Doge’s Palace, I could have spent days walking around and obsessing over the amazing artwork.

In true Venice style we had to have a gondola ride tour of the Grand Canal as no trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride.

Verona, for generations visitors have flocked to Verona to visit the courtyard of a pretty 13th century palazzo, gazing enraptured at a balcony, leaving their entwined signatures on graffiti-covered walls and having a furtive rub of the shiny right breast of a 20th century bronze of Shakespeare’s best-loved heroine, and I can now say I too have gazed up at said balcony.

Holiday Pics 

Burano Italy 

Bridge of Sighs!

Night Time Splashing!

We had an amazing time and i would recommend Venice to anyone! 

Tracy xx

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