I want you to Want me........i need you to Need me.....

I am totally loving studs at the moment, however I am having the same internal struggle I had when deciding if I should buy a leather jacket, I find myself asking “am I cool enough?” well the answer is probably no but that didn’t stop me buying my jacket and I love it, in fact I would go as far as saying It is one of my favourites, so I am 99.9% going to try and rock studs this season.  My little sis is helping as she bought me a really awesome pair of studded ankle boots for my birthday and yesterday she got me some really cute cream leather studded pumps from Primark £10,  So I think I will be seen sporting studs even if it’s in an understated way!

I like that there is a large range of studded items on the market at the moment, so  even If like me you can’t go full on rock chick you can still add a clutch or shoes and be on trend. 
I love this outfit below and would kill to wear it however I am a girly girl with an obsession for dresses, as amazing as this outfit is, it just goes against the grain.   The whole outfit is all TopShop and all fabulous, those leggings alone are amazing! God i Love TopShop!!! 

Let me know if you love the Studs this season, I really do love to read other people’s views and options on all things fashion! 

Tracy xx

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