How many is too many?

Do I really need a new dress?!

This weekend is my Birthday girly Spa Weekend and I can’t decide if I need a new dress, I don’t think I need a new dress as like most of us I have numerous dresses that I have bought over the last couple of years for black tie events, wedding’s, christens etc that because I have wore them once or twice I can’t possibly wear them again.  I really do try to wear an expensive dress as often as I can but I socialize with the same circle of friends which makes it hard, hence the rail of amazing dressy dresses hanging in my wardrobe!

Okay I was on the fence until my sis just texted to say the dress I was eyeing up is in and in my size, what can I say its fate. J Yeah, she has grabbed it for me, Best Sister/Personal Shopper Ever!!!

This is my new dress JJJ its soooo pretty!

 Oh now I just need accessories, I might raid my sisters impressive collection, so that’s dress and accessories sorted, all I need now is shoes and handbag! What do you think of the below, will it work?!?! HELP!!!!

Tracy xx