Holiday Highlights

As you can guess I am back from my Holiday at the Lakes and I thought I would share some of my highlights with you!
I think we were lucky as even though we stayed in Britain the weather was surprising good, good as in we only got rained on once, the rest of the days were a little overcast but like the true Brits we are we made the most of it.
Our Lodge was just a little larger than a static but big enough for the week.  

We went on plenty of walks in true lake fashion however I forbidden the use of walking sticks, really why do people insist on using them when they are walking on fairly even ground! Bugs the crap out of me, Argh!!!
We spent a day at the Zoo which was fantastic, I am a city girl and just experiencing the animals walking amongst us was amazing!   
For all dog lovers out there if you ever find yourselves in Ambleside visit “Paws by the Lake” the cutest doggy shop ever, we bought a bronzed Rosie Dog!

We saw the cutest chicken coup, if I ever move to the country I really want one.


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