My first graze box!
Initial reaction, smaller than I expected but that’s never a bad thing! (Well unless we are talking about cake then the bigger the better for me ;)).

Marketing and Packaging is pure genus! I mean personalized hello leaflet and very user friendly.

The products themselves!

In my graze box today I received “the firecracker” which is chilli rice crackers, spicy paprika peanuts and salsa corn stick and they are getting 10/10 from me, totally yummy.  
“Deli topped Focaccia bread” with Cherry tomato, basil & pesto, again 10/10 for flavour. 
 “Blackwell tart” this a mixed nuts and berries, they looked and smelled divine, however they didn’t float my boat but that is because I don’t really like dried fruit but my colleagues do. J 
Finally my “Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack”, very tasty, not too much cinnamon which is good for me.

So my overall score for my graze box is higher than I anticipated and I have recommended it to most of my colleagues and will also FB. 


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