Birthday Bank Holiday!

My Birthday Bank Holiday was fantastic, not only have I had an amazing birthday party with my family and friends but I received loads of fantastic presents, my friends know me so well! I racked up a very impressive collection of bubbles and cake! Those who know me know I love cake (hence my size!) but this cake is to pretty to eat, I might end up taking it to work for the guys to eat tomorrow.

My BFF (yes I am nearly 30 and still using BFF) bought me this amazing Swarovski crystal pen, its soooo pretty I love it!

My fabulous sis bought me these amazing boots, I am loving studs at the moment and I can’t wait to wear them with my red jeans and denim shirt or my cute prom style red dress and bike jacket.

 My sis also got this cool purse, I have had the same Radley purse for years so this is a perfect gift for me as I needed a change!

So as you can see I didn’t do too badly for my birthday! Again thank you everyone who came and made the night a pissed success!

 The Pissed Amigos will party again!!! 

Tracy xx

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