My Sister's Wardrobe!

Like most siblings, I am often borrowing pieces from mysister’s wardrobe, and like any good sister she always says yes, even though past history screams NO!!!!!  When wewere younger I was forever borrowing her stuff and only returning them whenthey were ruined.  I wasn’t a bad sister(she might disagree), I was just really careless. 

Anyway Becky (my sister) has some fabulous pieces ofclothing and we decided to post a handful of her collection of shoes, handbags,clothes & wellies.
This first picture is what my sister had on this fabulous Sundayafternoon, the sun was shining and her colour choice reflects that in her mintchinos teamed with a knitted vest, cream leather jacket (which is to die for) ateal bag, gold accessories and zebra pumps (which I am kicking myself for nottaking a picture).

Becky can give Kim kardashian a run for her money with theamount of blazers and jackets she owns. I only featured 5, my favourite 5 J

My sister loves her Hunter Wellington Boots!

Coloured chinos

Summer dresses, theses three dresses are all flotey style.

Accessories, OMG where to start, she has a crazy amount ofaccessories for one person, she could open a market stall with her collection. 
This is what we opened.

This picture is of just a quarter of her accessories; even Ilost the will to open any more bags.

Bags, now this is where I envy my sister most; she has anamazing collection of bags.

Iwant them all.

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