Monday Morning Again!

Most Mondays feel like ground hog day but today wasn't so bad, I still had the same, get up, get dressed, get Ellissa sorted for school, get to work etc, but today was different, upon my arrival at work I was informed that I had no email!


Really I couldn't get my head around it “how can I work without email” You would think my world stopped I was absolutely dumb struck as to what to do!

Needless to say I entertained myself by hosting an MM war between my Lego Action Figures! Yes I own & love them all 
(Geek alert!)

Good v Bad

Good (Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Wolverine, Superman, Robin & Batwomen)
Bad (Scarecrow, Magneto, Loki, Riddler, Joker, Penguin & Harlequin)

Second fight of the morning, Batman & Robin v Joker & the Riddler!

(If I was a gambling woman I would put money on the joker, after all he is carrying the gun, but in true superhero form Batman kicks butt and saves the day) :)

Third and final battle was Iron Man v Loki (you can guess the outcome)!

Some might say I am a little crazy and I have way too much time on my hands, and I think I might have to agree with them, but as I say over and over again 
“Normal is over rated!”

Okay now I have used up my lunch break with this I better get back to work! 


  1. I want to work in your office.....please...Vik x

  2. haha, I love it. I have a crocodile stapler on my desk and a cactus but sadly no lego. Need to remedy that!

    1. Yeah, you need some Lego, I am a big believer that your working environment should reflect your personality!