Dior Make-up

I realized something this morning, I am slightly obsessed with Dior make-up, I never really noticed how many different artistry palette’s I own but when getting ready and deciding on which colour’s would go best with my outfit (which is a burgundy ASOS sexy pencil dress with pockets, Ted Baker shoes (bought in Dublin 2006 but I still love them!)  Sorry I digressed, however the deeper I went in to my make-up case the more Dior I pulled out (a total Mary Poppins moment). 

I have no idea when Dior became the eye make-up of choice for me but i am happy to share some of its positive attributes.  I find Dior artistry palettes attractive and very fashion forward, with their warm tones and texture that is complexion enhancing magic; Dior's colours are practical and wearable all year round. 

In my eyes Dior is absolutely without a doubt the best eye make-up on the market. 

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