Sunday, Yeah!  

Since waking up at 10:00am (yes a lay in!) it has been non-stop. First we went furniture shopping for Jacks room, he is starting college in September and needs a more grown up room, so Pete and I spent the morning looking for inspiration and found it, god I hope he loves it!

Next came car shopping, why is it car dealers always show you the top of the range spec cars knowing full well that you will want it but have a cat in hell’s chance of affording it! Buggers, I’m sure they work for the devil!!!! Needless to say we haven’t decided on anything at the moment.

This afternoon was lovely, we have just been to the beach with Rosie, she loves to run, splash and roll around in the sand, and did I forget to mention that Rosie is my dog!

Beach Art, quite random but interesting none the less!
 Pete & Rosie

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